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Laura Land


Walkthrough 2

(Obtained from The Adrenaline Vault)


Laura Bow 2: Dagger of Amon Ra




You will start the game in the news room. Sit down, and use the eye icon to look in the trash can. You will find a baseball, use the hand icon to put it in your purse. Now look at your desk. flip the lower right corner of the blotter to find the key to the drawer, and open the drawer. You will find a Press card. Now talk to Crodfoller (man to your right) about the burglary. (If you want you can ask about the other things in the notebook!) Exit the newsroom, and place hand icon on the taxi sign. Show the taxi driver your press pass which you got from your desk drawer in the news room.


Select The Police Station from your notepad, then select exit. The cab driver will take you there. When you arrive at the Police Station, you will find a drunk outside. Try to wake the drunk, and he will tell you to go away. Enter the police station, and exit, and the drunk will be gone. Pick up the newspaper, and a close-up view of a sandwich coupon will show. Clink the hand icon on it, and click the hand icon on the taxi sign. Ride back to the newspaper, and give coupon to the street vendor (Luigi). (He will complain, but give you the sandwich). Ride back to the Police Station, and give sandwich to the clerk inside. Ask about the speakeasy (and anything else you want to know).


You will find out the password for the speakeasy "Charleston". Enter the Detective office, and listen to speel. Don't worry about Detective O'Riley. He's just not that cooperative with the press. All you really need to do is visit him and examine the case file. There's not very much information on the robbery at this time. Just keep your eyes open and you can learn more later. Get a taxi, and go to the 12th street docks. When you arrive at the docks, talk to Steve. Use your notepad to ask him about Pippin Carter and Carrington. Ask him about everything in your notepad. You never know what you might learn from Steve. Go to Lo Fat's Laundry, and talk to the three boys outside. Ask them about their hobbies are. One of the boys will tell you that baseball is one of his hobbies.


When he does, select the baseball from your inventory and offer it to him. The kids will trade their magnifying glass for the baseball. Go to speakeasy and talk to Ziggy. Important, somewhere in the taxi rides you will get into a trash filled cab. This taxi is full of garbage for a reason. Search through the trash in the back seat using the Hand cursor. Underneath that mess, you'll discover a laundry claim ticket for Lo Fat's Laundry. After visiting the speakeasy, go to Lo Fat's laundry and present him with the laundry ticket you found in the trash-filled taxi. He'll give you an evening gown to wear to the museum fund-raiser at 7:00 p.m. Go to the speakeasy. Once you get inside, go to the restroom to change into your evening gown. To do this, select the evening dress from your inventory and use it on the dressing partition. While in restroom, ask the "lady?" about everyone in the book. Leave the building, and Act 2 will begin.


ACT TWO - Suspects on Parade


Go to the museum and present Heimlich with your press pass and

he'll let you into the party. Eaves-drop at the party and you'll overhear 14 different conversations. Learn all the characters' names and pay attention to what they say. After all, you never know what someone might accidentally reveal. Visit the buffet table to pick up a water glass. You can use the water glass to eaves-drop behind closed office doors throughout the museum during Acts 3 and 4. You can also visit the gift shop and examine the fine selection of gift items there. When you enter the gift shop examine each of the fake daggers on display. Use your magnifying glass to examine each of the daggers carefully. One of these is the stolen Dagger of Amon Ra. Unfortunately, as soon as you discover it, you're ushered out of the room by Wolf Heimlich.


Perhaps you can get it later. Check this display case later in the game. Exit the party and re- enter and Steve should show up. Talk to him. Now that you have talked to Steve you can go into the dinosaur room. Wander around until you find the Egyptian exhibit room. Examine the ankh medallion lying on the floor by the mummies. Use your magnifying glass to get a closer look at it. You'll discover the medallion has the initials "PS" on it. This medallion belongs to none other than Ptahsheptut "Tut" Smith. Use the hand cursor to pick it up and keep as evidence. Also use your magnifying glass to examine the red puddle beside the ankh medallion. Open the mummy case and you will find Pippin's body. Examine Pippin's body for clues. You'll discover there's a notepad in his breast pocket. Take the notepad. Detective O'Riley will show up and talk to you. This should end Act 2.


ACT THREE - On the Cutting Edge


Go to the Dinosaur room and visit with Rex the talking dinosaur. Use the eye icon on the bone display, and pickup the bone with the hand icon when you get the close-up view. Use the Crystal glass to listen to the conversation between Yvette and Dr. Olympia. Go to Dr. Olympia's office and remove the cloth over the stone. View the stone with the magnifying lens.


(This will give you have of the hieroglyphics translation). Go to Yvette's office and take a look in her trash can and discover the piece of carbon paper. You can hold this carbon paper up to the lamp in her office to read it. Also take a look at the lamp on her desk and remove the light bulb. To do this, first use the eye cursor on the lamp to get a close-up view of the lamp. Next, use the hand cursor to turn the lamp off. To let the bulb cool down, exit her office for a moment then return. Use the eye cursor on her lamp twice to get a close-up view of the bulb. Take the bulb using the hand cursor. Enter the door to go to Dr. Carrington's office. Use the crystal glass to listen to the conversation between Yvette and Najeer. Look in the fireplace and remove the piece of charcoal.


This will help you with your investigation. Look behind the painting above the fireplace, and use the number associated with "B SAYFF" to get in. Use the charcoal on Dr. Pippin's Notepad, and read the message. Go to the Egyptian exhibit room and talk to "Tut" Smith. Look around, and on one of the walls is the remainder of the rosette stone. View it with the magnifying lens. Now go back to the pterodactyl room, and you should discover a body. Once you discover the corpse in the pterodactyl room, take a look in the life mask room. This room is one screen west and one screen south from the pterodactyl room. Use magnifying glass on the northeastern asian head. This is Ziggy's head which has been mounted on the wall. Watch the animation. Go to Rodin room. Use the crystal glass to listen to the conversation between Yvette and Detective O'Riley. Now go to the Rodin room. Closely examine the back of the Rodin sculpture's head using your magnifying glass. You'll discover a tiny hinge on the back of the neck of the statue.


Use the hand cursor on the front of the head. Walk through the archway on the right-hand side of the screen and you'll discover a secret spiral staircase leading downstairs. Be careful of that first step, though. You need to replace the light bulb before walking down the stairs. Select the bulb from inventory. To change the bulb, use it on the light hanging above the staircase. Go down the stairs, and break the glass in the mirror with dinosaur bone. This will give you a lantern. Go to Wolf Heimlich's office. Take the cheese from the rat trap on the floor in front of his desk. Use either the dinosaur bone from the Tyrannosaurs Rex room or the Snake Lasso from Ernie's office to safely trigger the trap. Also examine the books on his shelf until you find a book of poetry. Thumb through the book and you'll find Yvette's garter and a note. Use the magnifying lens to read the note. Go to the Preservation Lab.


There are two things to do in the Preservation lab. Second, after visiting Ernie's office and examining the "alcoholic index" on his desk, you should overhear a message on his intercom about the valve being plugged on Vat Number Thirteen. Find Vat Number Thirteen in the lab and climb the ladder. This is the second vat on the lefthand wall. After skimming the contents of the vat, you should find the Dagger of Amon Ra. In Ernie's office, there are three important items to look for. Look at the "alcoholic index" notepad on Ernie's desk and note which vat contains the warthogs. (It's Vat Number Thirteen.)


Next, use the hand icon to open the toolbox, and use the eye icon to look in. You will get a close-up view of a pair of wire cutters in Ernie's toolbox. Pickup the tool. Finally, look under his desk and pickup the snake lasso. You may also want to press the button above the desk. While in the Old Masters Gallery examine the works of Anonymous Bosch. One of his paintings depicts a skeleton holding a key. Actually, a real key has been glued over the top of the painting. Use the magnifying glass on the painting until the close-up shows the actually key, then use the Dagger of Amon Ra or the wire cutters from Ernie's toolbox to remove the key. Wait behind the tapestry until the old lady walks in with the paintings under her arm. Talk to her. Go to Dr. Carrington's office, and you will discover a dead body.


Examine the two letters "CP" in blood on Carrington's desk. These letters stand for "Crime and Punishment," one of the books on Carrington's shelves. Find the book and open it. You will find a police file on Watney Little. Leave and Enter Dr. Carrington's office and you can overhear Yvette & "Tut" Smith's conversation. You can also listen to conversations using the intercom system on his desk. Go to the Mammalogy Lab. First, pick up the bottle of snake oil from the table in the front of the room. Look in the icebox and get slab of meat. Use the skeleton key on the trunk under the table. Immediately after you open the steamer trunk, throw the slab of meat into it. Now you can safely examine the contents of the trunk without getting eaten by the beetles. You will find a skeleton. Use the eye icon on the skeleton and you will find a watch. Pickup the watch. You will find Ernie Leach's body in the Mastodon room. Examine Ernie's body. You should discover two important clues. You can detect a strong smell of preserving alcohol and you should notice some warthog hairs on his shirt. Now go find Detective O'Riley and tell him of Ernie. Act 3 should end.


There are also several secret tunnels running throughout the museum. One tunnel leads from Heimlich's office to Dr. Carrington's office. To access this tunnel, press the button hidden behind the framed medals on Wolf's wall. Another tunnel leads from Olympia's office to the alcohol preservation lab. To access this tunnel, use the hand cursor on the horn of the Rhesus' skull on Olympia's desk. The third secret tunnel leads from the mammology lab to the Egyptian display room. To access this tunnel, enter Ernie's office and press the button behind his desk.


ACT FOUR - Museum of the Dead


Enter Yvette's office and talk with her. When you exit, you will bump into Steve and Olympia. When Steve enters Yvette's office, use your water glass to listen. View the dead body in the pterodactyl room, and use wire cutters to clip a section of the wire from the fallen pterodactyl on Ziggy's corpse. This piece of wire will come in handy later in the game. Go to Yvette's office and the should be a mess in there. Look at Yvette's desk and examine the evidence you find there with your magnifying glass. Look at Yvette's shoe, the piece of fabric, and the red hairs. Now go to the Old Masters Gallery and look for anything suspicious. You now see a statue that wasn't there before. Break the plaster on the statue using the dinosaur bone you picked up in the "Talking" Rex room. Now examine the corpse you find inside. Pay attention to the bifocals and red hairs in Yvette's hands. Go the armor room, and take a look at the dog armor.


Beside the armor is an old work boot. That looks like Steve's boot, doesn't it? Better pick it up. It will be useful later in the game. Go to Olympia's office. Before you get in you will talk to Olympia. Enter her office and use snake oil three times on the cobra and you'll back him into a corner. Of you run out of snake oil you will need to go to the preservation lab and refill the bottle from the container on the table. Now use the snake lasso to pick him up. Finally, to put him back in his cage, use the hand cursor on the cobra's cage in the left rear corner of the room. You will discover the Countess' body on Olympia's desk. Examine her body. Pick up the grapes from the floor. Take the smelling salts from one of the countess' pockets. Examine the Countess' left ankle to learn her cause of death. Pickup the grapes. Act 4 should end.


ACT FIVE - Rex Takes a Bite out of Crime


You will start in the mastodon room, with the murderer chasing you. Exit through the Pterodactyl room. Once in this room, shut the door by using the hand cursor on it. Wire the door shut by wrapping the section of wire you clipped from the fallen pterodactyl around the doorknob. Immediately head for the Medieval Armor Room, shut the door, and slide the board across the heavy wooden door. Now head to the locked room. Move the nearby chair in front of the locked door. Stand on the chair and open the transom above the door. Now duck into the Egyptian room and hide inside the mummy case on the far left-hand side. The murderer will be fooled and will break down the door to the other room. Wait until the murderer goes into the Life Mask exhibit room. When he leaves, go into the crate storage room through the door he just smashed to pieces. Once inside the crate room use the swinging arm near the door to move the crate in front of the door.


Now cut the rope using the Dagger of Amon Ra or the wire cutters from Ernie's toolbox. After moving the right most crate out of the way of the small closet door, you'll discover a small ancient one-person elevator. Throw the lever and the elevator will take you down and away from the murderer. When you get in the mummy storage room, remove a mummy from one of the cases and prop it against the door of the elevator to slow down the murderer. Use the snake lasso on the snake figure on the locked mummy case on the left wall. Exit through the mummy case into the Sun Worshipper Ceremonial Room. You will be given a TEST while here. The answer to the first riddle is "womb." The answer to the second riddle is "tomb." Spell these words using the hieroglyph from your notepad. Once both answer are given, the worshipper will send you behind the altar into the furnace room, where you will find Steve Dorian in a coal ben. Use the hand icon to wipe away the coal from Steve's face. Use the smelling salts to revive Steve.


When you revive Steve, immediately give Steve his boot. Hidden behind the sun symbol on the wall is a secret tunnel entrance. Use the hand cursor on the stone. Steve will help you rotate the sun symbol out of the way. Now you can safely exit the room. As soon as you enter the secret tunnel, select the lantern and turn it on. Now you can see your way. You will find a nest of cobras. Use the bottle of snake oil from the preservation lab to repel the cobras. You then will encounter a pack of rats. Throw the cheese you picked up from the rat trap in Heimlich's office through either of the openings at the top of the tunnel. The rats will go after the cheese and you'll be rid of them. Go through the second opening at the top of the tunnel. You will safely exit through the talking dinosaur's mouth in the Tyrannosaurs Room. As soon as you exit through Rex's mouth, quickly press the button to get him talking. Now he will capture the murderer in his powerful jaws for you. This should end Act 5.


ACT SIX - The Coroner's Inquest


When you start Act 6 you will be at the coroner's inquest where you will be asked several questions. They are:


Q: Who murdered Dr. Pippin Carter?

A: Detective Hanrahan O'Riley


Q: What was the motive?

A: Either "cover another crime" or "financial gain."


Q: Who murdered Lawrence "Ziggy" Ziegfeld?

A: Detective Hanrahan O'Riley


Q: What was the motive?

A: Either "cover another crime" or "financial gain."


Q: Who murdered Ernie Leach?

A: Detective Hanrahan O'Riley


Q: What was the motive?

A: Either "cover another crime" or "financial gain."


Q: Who murdered Yvette Delecroix?

A: Detective Hanrahan O'Riley


Q: What was the motive?

A: Either "jealousy" or "revenge."


Q: Who murdered Countess Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton?

A: Detective Hanrahan O'Riley


Q: What was the motive?

A: Either "cover another crime" or "financial gain."


Q: Whose skeleton did I find in the steamer trunk?

A: Dr. Archibald Carrington III


Q: Who murdered Dr. Archibald Carrington III

A: Watney Little


Q: Who impersonated Dr. Archibald Carrington?

A: Watney Little


Q: Who murdered Watney Little?

A: Detective Hanrahan O'Riley


Q: What was the motive?

A: Either "cover another crime" or "financial gain."


Q: Who stole the dagger of Amon Ra?

A: Watney Little 


Q: Who was behind the Dagger of Amon Ra theft?

A: Detective Hanrahan O'Riley


Q: Who was the woman involved in stealing paintings?

A: The Countess Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton.


Q: Who was the man involved in stealing paintings?

A: Watney Little.


Q: Who was the middleman that forged paintings for the Countess?

 A: Ziggy Ziegfeld 


Q: Who was the High Priest of the Amon Ra Cult (Sun Worshippers)?

 A: Rameses Najeer.


Q: Which museum employee ran a "fencing" operation?

A: Ernie Leach

The Dagger of Amon Ra