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Laura Land

Dagger of Amon Ra Easter Eggs

Try to use the toilets in the women's lounge of the speakeasy.

Try to wash your hands in the women's lounge of the speakeasy.

In the first act of the game, Rube calls Laura "Laura Bains." Bains is the criminal from PQ 1.

In the Leyendecker Museum Alcohol Preservation Vats are:

#10 is the unicorn from KQ4.

#14 is King Edward of Daventry from KQ1.

Look at the painting with the skeleton key in the Old Masters' Gallery with the magnifying glass before you remove the key.

Lo Fat refers to Dr. Myklos as Mc Guillicuddy, which was Lucy Ricardo's maiden name from the television program "I Love Lucy."

Read the message board in the newsroom of the newspaper office, where Laura works, for funny messages.