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 Easter Eggs


Laura Bow:   Laura has recently graduated from Tulane, and through the help of her father, has been employed at the prestegious "New York Daily Register News Tribune." Not only is Laura the first female reporter hired by the "Trib," but her first assignment is to the disappearance of the priceless Dagger of Amon Ra from the Leyendecker Museum.
Sam Augustini:   Laura's boss at the "New York Daily Register News Tribune." Laura's father did Sam a favor long ago, so he in turn hires Laura as a favor to his old pal, John.
Crodfoller T. Rhubarb:   Your colleague at the "Trib." Rube was previously assigned to the Dagger Theft story.
Lo Fat:   Mr. Fat runs a Chinese laundry. He knows quite a lot of the museum staff through his successful laundry business.
Steve Dorian:   Mr. Dorian works at the 12th Street Docks. He unloaded the trunks to the museum.
Det. Ryan O'Reilly:   Detective O'Reilly was assigned to the burgulary at the museum, he doesn't seem to concerned about the case though...
Wolf Heimlich:   Chief of Security at the Leyendecker, Wolf has come under close scrutiny for seemingly allowing the burgularly to take place.
Yvette Delacroix:   Yvette is the assistant to the president of the museum. She knows most of the characters and can be very helpful.
Ernie Leach:   Ernie is a veteran of World War 1. After being injured in battle, he returns home to New York. He finds it incredibly difficult to find work, so he goes to work at the Leyendecker.
Ramses Najeer:   The museum's accountant. A native Egyptian, Ramses is very concerned about the Dagger being returned to Egypt.


Watney Little:   A well known con-man, recently escaped from prison and on the loose.

Lawrence "Ziggy" Zigfeld:   A rather sleazy character who knows more than he lets on.

Countess Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton:   Wife of the former museum president, Sterling Waldorf-Carlton.
Dr. Archibald Carrington:   New president of the Leyendecker Museum.
Dr. Olympia Myklos:   Well-respected Palentologist, currently employed at the Leyendecker. Her hobbies include "Dead Things..."
Dr. Pippin Carter:   Dr. Carter discovered the Dagger of Amon Ra on an archaeological dig in Egypt.

Dr. Pthasheptut "Tut" Smith:   Dr. Smith followed Carter all the way to New York from Egypt to plead with him to return the Dagger to its rightful home in Egypt.  

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