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Laura Land
The Colonel's Bequest Easter Eggs and Cheat Codes
Go into the stable and type "Bridle horse."

Try to use the toilet in Jeeves's bathroom.

Try to look in the toilet in the upstairs bathroom.

Try to take a shower in the upstairs bathroom, but save your game first.

Try to kiss various characters.

Try to hug various characters.

Try to take a drink when Jeeves is offering people drinks in Act I.

Try to drink some of the coffee in the kitchen or dining room.

Try to wear the clothes in Fifi's dressing room.

Try to talk to Celie's chickens.

Stand in the elevator shaft in the library with the gate closed, be sure to save your game first.

Watch the killer walk by the windows in the kitchen, dining room, library and study.

Type: "Look furniture." to get Laura's opinion of the furniture in the house.

Look at the picture above Celie's dresser.

Try to play with the toys in Ethel's room and in the playhouse.

Look at the record Gloria's listening to in the billiards room to get Laura's opinion of it.

Walk in on Jeeves and Fifi when they're cleaning the dining room.

Look at the tables throughout the house, seems like Fifi's not doing her job, doesn't it?

Try to help Celie with the dishes in Act I.

Type "Blow nose." when you have the handkerchief, you can also blow the other characters' noses for them.


 Cheat Codes

Press the two shift keys and the minus sign on the numeric keypad to enable the debug mode.

Changing Screens

Enter the above debugging code and press g followed by 13. Then change the screen number.

Getting Inventory

Enter the above debugging code followed by i then Inv and c next push e and type "owner" delete the current owner and write in "ego."