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 Easter Eggs


Laura Bow:   20 year old journalism major at Tulane University, in New Orleans, LA. A 1920's ingenue, she's studious, down to earth, energetic, and courageous. She's known for her inquisitive nature, probably acquired from her father, a detective on the New Orleans Police force.
Colonel Henri Dijon:  Veteran of the Spanish-American War, Col. Dijon is a gruff old southern-style colonel. He's wealthy, eccentric, and reclusive. He lives alone except for his servants; Jeeves, Celie, and Fifi, and his pets. He was wounded while serving with distinction in the Spanish-American War.
Gertrude Dijon:   Gertie is the widow of the Colonel's younger brother. She's known as money grubbing, snobbish and bossy. She has a fondness for jewelry... especially pearls.
Rudy Dijon:   Rudy is Gertrude's son, Gloria's brother and the Colonel's nephew. He gives the impression of being a little too slick. Rudy is known as a gambler, a womanizer, and a lush. They say he's never worked an honest day in his life.
Gloria Swansong:   Gertie's daugher and the Colonel's niece. An aspiring actress, Gloria enjoys the glamorous Hollywood life-style. She's a beautiful platinum blonde, and loves money, jewelry and rich boyfriends.
Ethel Prune:   Lillian's mother and the Colonel's younger sister. Ethel is known for her whimpery, whiny nature. You can usually catch her in a rather tipsy state, and she gives the impression of being quite helpless.
Lillian Prune:   Lillian is Laura's college classmate and the Colonel's niece. Her personality can be described as extroverted and rebellious. She drinks, smokes and dates several young men. She dresses in the style of the 1920's flapper.
Clarance Sparrow:   Clarence is the Colonel's attorney. He manages all of the Colonel's business affairs and accounts. He seems rather sneaky, and it is said that the lusts after the Colonel's money.
Dr. Wilbur C. Feels:   Dr. Feels is the Colonel's long time personal physician. He is known for her lecherous ways, and his questionable medical practices.
Celie:  Celie is the Colonel's cook. She is quite superstitious and somewhat reserved, but she can be friendly and helpful if approached cautiously. It is said that she dabbles in Voodoo.
Fifi:  Fifi is the Colonel's sexy French maid. It is rumoured that she and the Colonel are involved in a relationship of a somewhat more than domestic nature. Most of the family are of the opinion that Fifi is using the Colonel to get at his money.

Jeeves:  Jeeves is the Colonel's tall, silent butler. Very imposing and solemn, he's not terribly friendly or helpful. What is he really after?

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